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Attorney Advantage works with plaintiff attorneys and firms to streamline the settlement process with one goal; achieving long-term financial security.

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Attorney Fee Deferral Strategies

We understand it can be challenging to choose the best attorney fee deferral partner for your personal situation. At Attorney Advantage we know that this decision may very well make the difference between successfully or unsuccessfully taking control of your financial future. 

We take pride in remaining honest and transparent while offering clients industry leading investment opportunities. Perhaps most important, we will work directly with you, your financial advisor and your accountant to ensure we have the same goals.


Fixed annuity with set rates of return and set payout periods. More conservative but virtually no downside risk.


Variable annuity with an equity indexed rider based on market performance. More risk but more reward.


Variety of investment options with more payout flexibility. Can push payments if scheduled payout not needed.

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You May Be Asking...

How and when will my payments be taxed?

Payments will be taxed as ordinary income in the tax year in which the payments are received. So, if you defer payments for 5 years, you will be taxed on the sixth year.

Is my money secure with your investments?

Yes, the investment mgmt firm holds the money, which cannot be distributed until all parties (assignment co, investment mgr, and corporate custodian) sign off.

Can I tailor terms of the assignment contract?

Yes, the deferral and payment terms can be customized, as can an appropriated investment portfolio. You can receive lump sum payments and irregular distributions.

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